Swipesbidstick - Illegally took $150.00 of my debit card and didn't tell me they charge $150.00 for membership

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First of all they don't tell you that they charge $150.00 for membership, they wanted your credit card # first then they tell you to start bidding and next thing you know they took $150 from your card.i had to tell them to cancell it and they refuse to refund my money only give bids credit which i have been trying to bid for an item and never win.

The only thing you win is their own bids credit. They only have two pages of the same things everyday for thousands of people to bid on and you can bid all day and all night and you still don't win anything. I think they pay their own people to comments on their products they won from the webside. They should be taken off from the the webside and hold them responsible for every penny they took from thousand of people everyday.

the bidstick.com don't charge their customers for bidding for their products and they have a lot of items and better than this scam people.Well hopefully they get stopped soon.

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Oh, forgot to also mention.. if you happen to win an auction at Swipebids, you are responsible both for the cost of all your bids plus the total cost of the item you won.


Just a word of advice, you should always avoid submitting credit card information to sites where you don't understand how that site may use that card.For an auction site like SwipeBids, you need to read their 'How it works' section before signing up.

However, some auction sites, like SwipeBids, charge the bidder rather than the seller. For example, eBay charges the seller to list and additionally charges the seller a percentage of the purchase price. The bidder pays only for the item won. With SwipeBids, the bidder pays to bid.

So, each time you bid, you are charged a bidding fee.

This is the reason they deduct money from your account up front.They use that front money as an account to debit from instead of continually charging the bidding fees to your card in tiny amounts (would cost them way too much).

The main problems I have with Swipebids is how much it costs to bid (too much) and the way they tack on extra time to an auction for each bid submitted effectively making the auctions never end.

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